2018 King of the Hammers Ultra4 VS Rock Bouncer Shootout Posted on 12 Feb 21:11 , 0 comments

This year for the Rock Bouncer Ultra4 shootout they changed things up a bit. They moved the location from the famous BackDoor to a new hill that was a little easier but still provided great entertainment. Unfortuntaley the dust was pretty bad so the footage isn't the greatest but we did the best we could. Sit back and watch all of the Awesome action that took place.

1st Place: Ryan Webb: 16.48 SRRS
2nd Place: Bobby Tanner: 16.73 SRRS
3rd Place: Jason Gray: 17.39 Ultra4
4th Place: Adam Ringer: 18.93 SRRS
5th Place: Brian Trempe: 19.40 SRRS
6th Place: Justin Haft: 19.64 SRRS
7th Place: Joe Pierce: 19.82 SRRS
8th Place: Cash LeCroy: 20.07 SRRS
9th Place: Chris Kaufman: 20.35 Ultra4
10th Place: Jason Bartram: 20.59 Ultra4