$1000 BEATER CHEROKEES ARE AWESOME Posted on 21 Mar 20:37 , 0 comments

Who could have guessed you could have this much fun with a Jeep Cherokee that cost 1000 Dollars. Charlie had a blast at Morris Mountain in his Jeep Cherokee. 

OUTLAW THE INSANE IFS/IRS SuperCharged Rock Bouncer Posted on 13 Mar 21:31 , 1 comment

Clayton Hollingsworth has built one of the most talked about Rock Bouncers around. This custom built machine features IFS front Suspension and IRS rear Suspension with rear steering.  It also has a Supercharged LS engine but what really sets it off are the Massive rear tractor tires and the fact that the engine sits right beside him.  

SOUTHERN ROCK RACING HIGHLIGHTS PART 2 Posted on 29 Jun 21:36 , 0 comments