ROCK BOUNCERS GO BIG ON THE MAN MADE WALL Posted on 12 Oct 11:05 , 0 comments

A lot of you guys saw our first video of the Man Made Wall that defeated all of the Rock Bouncers. Well at the Southern Rock Racing Finals they re-visited the wall. They added a little dirt to the bottom and they also allowed the drivers to go to the side of the wall. This made all the difference in the world as a few guys were able to climb it but several still struggled!!

ROCK BOUNCERS GO FULL THROTTLE at WINDROCK Posted on 20 Aug 21:04 , 0 comments

The Pro Rock Racing Series held its Race 2 Riches Qualifier at Windrock Offroad Park. They picked out an awesome hill that provided tons of information for all fans the fans. It rained early in the morning but the sun soon came out and the course dried off tremendously. Tim Cameron was the overall winner with Bubba Bacon grabbing second and Wes Kean taking 3rd.



ROCK WALL IS BRUTAL AT HAWK PRIDE OFF-ROAD PARK Posted on 13 Aug 21:57 , 0 comments

THIS LITTLE ROCK HILL AINT NO JOKE Posted on 6 Aug 21:39 , 0 comments


A lot of you guys have been asking for more rocks in the racing and thats exactly what you get!! The Southern Rock Racing crew picked out a gnarly climb at Hawk Pride Offroad Park. This first hill gave the racers all they wanted and several of them were denied from making it out the top.

ONE GNARLY TIRE PIT Posted on 1 Aug 21:44 , 0 comments

2018 Ultra4 Vs Rock Bouncer ShootOut at Dirty Turtle Posted on 25 Jul 20:21 , 0 comments


LSX 454 POWERED FORD MEGA CRAWLER Posted on 15 Jul 20:54 , 0 comments

4 WHEEL STEER REAR ENGINE BEAST at MOUNTAIN HAVOC 2018 Posted on 13 Jul 22:08 , 0 comments

TURBO'D MONSTER BOUNCER Posted on 10 Jul 19:10 , 0 comments

Brett Harrell took his Turbo'd Monster Bouncer and showed out at the 2018 Mountain Havoc event. Brett has built one heck of a machine and he isn't scared to use the skinny pedal. Brett's bouncer features a Turbo'd 5.3 that spins monster V-tread tires with no problem.